About Us

SAMFIT Club is a thriving fitness community in Barcelona with multiple locations.


Our unique program is suitable for every level, promoting physical and mental well-being with personalized attention from our expert trainers.


Experience fun & challenging workouts plus monthly extra activities that foster a supportive sense of family and personal growth.

Join us now and discover the SAMFIT difference!

SAMFIT Club Team

Samuele Zanni

Samuele Zanni is a Qualified Personal Trainer and a passionate advocate for helping others reach optimal health and wellness.

He created SAMFIT Club for people to connect through sport, build fun and sustainable workout structure in their lives, and support each other in reaching their goals.

Maria Kostrova

Maria has been playing a key role in the development of SAMFIT Club being with us since the very beginning. She takes care of Social Medias and communication, beside assisting us in many of our sessions. She has been a professional gymnast and now she enjoy working out with us regularly.

Iker Ela

Iker Ela Calisthenic Coach

Iker is a passionate calisthenics athlete and coach.

He will take you to your next level of strength pushing you to give your very best, but always with a smile and his friendly approach.

Javier Cejas

Javier is a triathlon coach passionate about his work. He helps all levels athletes meeting their goals since over 20 years. He’s a triathlete himself since 22 years, and he competed high level between 2000 and 2007, realising 2 full ironman. He will help you improving your swimming, running and cycle technique and conditioning.

Stefano Cuniberti

Stefano is an experienced personal trainer with 14 years in the fitness industry. He’s sports science graduate and he specialised in personal training. Stefano is aiming to help people appreciate the journey of fitness and cultivate a lifestyle of healthy habits, leading to a fulfilling end result.


If you are a beginner or you just haven’t workout in a long time, don’t worry! Our sessions are mainly structured in a way that everybody can participate regardless of their level of fitness*. We workout by time, which means that you can do the exercise at your own intensity, also there will be always regressions or variations of the exercises in case you don’t feel comfortable with some of them. *Exceptions made for the red sessions, which require a decent physical preparation

Click the Free Trial button, register to our Fitogram Pro Booking Tool filling in the required information. Select the session you are interested in and at the end select the Free Trial option to complete the Booking. As easy as this!

Bring a towel, a mat if you have one and water. Also, it might be useful to wear gloves in case you have them as we’ll do some exercise on the ground.

You can find the details in the class you have booked. Go to Fitogram and click on your profile, then select Bookings and click on the booked class. You will see the name of the location and by clicking on it, you will see the exact location on Google Maps. If you have any questions, you can contact us via WhatsApp at least two hours before the start of your class.

Yes! We are working with all those partners, ensure your spot by contacting us via WhatsApp at least two hours before the starting time of your class.

You can purchase our products directly on our web through Credit/Debit Card, otherwise contact us via WhatsApp or by email and we’ll provide you all the options and payment details.

We provide all the equipment necessary for the outdoor fitness. Some of our classes might require you to bring your own mat to exercise on it, you will find this requirement on the details of each class. In case you don’t have a mat we can provide you a small one (contact with us and let us know before). Beside that, bring a towel, water to stay hydrated during the class. Get ready to sweat and have a great time!