10 outdoor exercises to get fit this summer with a fitness coach

Outdoor training

As warmer weather arrives, now is the ideal time to take your workouts outside and soak up the fresh air and sunshine. Exercising outdoors provides both mental and physical boosts compared to indoor training. In this blog post, we’ll cover 10 of the top outdoor exercises to help you get fit this summer while having fun with your fitness coach.

  1. Hiking

Lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails with your fitness coach to burn calories while surrounded by nature. Hiking engages your glutes, legs, core and more as you traverse up and down inclined terrain. Bring plenty of water and fuel for a hike that matches your fitness level. Your coach can suggest new trails and lead the pace. A 45-minute hike can torch around 250 calories! 

  1. Beach running

The soft sand at the beach provides for a challenging, high-burn run. Go for a beach run with your coach early in the morning or when the evening cools down. Concentrate on your breathing and keeping good form as you run through the resistance of the sand. Your coach can time you and help with pacing. Trail runs along the water are also a great seaside option.

  1. Outdoor cycling

Cycling with your fitness coach outdoors takes your regular bike routine up a level. Find scenic routes that allow for long distances while admiring pretty views. Your coach can assist with form, cadence and speed, calling out cues as you pedal. Take on hilly terrain for an extra burn. Stay fueled and hydrated throughout your ride.

  1. Kayaking

Paddling a kayak engages your arms, back, shoulders, core and more. It’s also cardio-intensive – you can burn 300-500 calories per hour kayaking! Meet your coach at a local spot to kayak across lakes or rivers. They can advise on your paddle stroke and rhythm. Kayaking is a fun way to explore new waters while also getting fit.

  1. Hill running

Running hills with your fitness coach engages your glutes, legs and builds endurance more than regular running. Find a park or trail with varying slopes and run intervals of challenging uphills and easier downhills. Your coach will help perfect your form on the inclines. Hill running provides an intense, full-body burn in the outdoors.

  1. Stand-up paddleboarding

Paddleboarding with a coach challenges your balance and engages your entire body as you stay balanced on the board. It specifically works your core muscles. Your coach can suggest ideal spots to paddleboard based on conditions and give pointers on your stance and paddling technique throughout the session to keep you stabilized.

  1. Rock climbing

Scale new heights rock climbing outside with spotters and your fitness coach. Choose beginner-friendly routes and use your upper body strength strategically as you climb. Your coach can advise on your footwork and identify areas to focus on improving your grip. Rock climbing works all your major muscle groups in a unique way.

  1. Beach circuits

Run through a series of full-body moves like pushups, squats and burpees on the sand with your coach. The soft, unstable surface amps up the burn. Your coach can time your intervals or have you do a round of circuits for an intense sweat session. Wrap up with sprints in the sand then stretch it out oceanside. 

  1. Open water swimming

Swimming laps in a lake or the ocean provides an invigorating outdoor workout. Look for lifeguard protected areas and swim with a partner or coach. Have your coach time your laps and give feedback on your stroke and pacing. The cool water will re-energize you as you swim for cardio. 

  1. Trail running

Varying terrain on trails engages your body in new ways compared to road running. Find beginner-friendly trails to run with your coach and progressively challenge yourself on more advanced routes. Your coach can adapt your pacing as you run uphills and downhills. Enjoy the natural views as you boost speed and endurance.

Exercising outside with a qualified fitness coach provides motivation while boosting your physical and mental health. Take advantage of warmer months by training in the sunshine with hiking, water sports, circuits and more. Gear up properly and stay hydrated throughout your workouts. By training outdoors with a coach, you can switch up your routine while getting fit in nature. Follow these exercises to get in shape while soaking up the fresh air this summer!

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