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About Us

SAMFIT Club is a Barcelona-based collective of mindset-driven people with a shared ethos of seeking out and promoting overall well-being through activity and community.

Constant exercise variability, supportive class structure, and interactive locations in conjunction with high energy and passion levels make it simple and dynamic to get your exercise in. Bi-weekly extra activities keep things interesting and make it simple to establish lasting bonds.

Our Workouts

ABS & Cardio

ABS & Cardio is a dynamic session that will allow you to burn a lot of calories combining compounded full body movements with specific exercising targeting your core.

Booty Burn

The Booty Burn is a session to improve strength, resistance and toning the lower body with special emphasis on your booty.

Using just bodyweight exercises and basic material as equipment (booty bands & elastics), we combine effective movements to shape your booty.

HIIT 6/3

HIIT means High Intensity Interval Training, is a broad term for workouts that involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods.

Our HIIT 6/3 sessions are based on 3 rounds of bodyweight exercises, that we perform alternating 40 seconds of work with 20 seconds of breaks. Also, we have a special finisher at the end of each session with different targets depending on the work of the week.

HIIT is pretty intense, but always good fun!

Power HIIT Circuit

Our Power HIIT Circuit sessions are based on 8 exercises which we perform in a circuit format.

We alternate bodyweight exercises with various stations with equipment (TRX, elastics, Battle Ropes, Kettlebells, jumping ropes..) to ensure a complete, effective workout!

The Power HIIT Circuit is intense, but always good fun!
If you are a beginner, don’t get scared, we have different variations of each exercise that you can adapt to your own level.


Calisthenics is a form of strength training consisting of a variety of movements that exercise large muscle groups performed with minimal equipment or bodyweight exercises.

It is intended to increase strength, fitness, and flexibility, through movements such as pulling, pushing, bending, jumping, or swinging, using one’s body weight for resistance.

Calisthenics can provide the benefits of muscular and aerobic conditioning, in addition to improving psychomotor skills such as balance, agility, and coordination.

Road to OCR

The Road to OCR is an advanced workout session to get you in the physical condition to attend an Obstacle Course Race (OCR) 

Expect a really challenging workout, which involves cardio combined with strength exercises, and where high intensity is the standard.

A pretty good level of fitness is recommended to attend this workout.

HIIT the Beach

High-Intensity Interval Training sessions at the beach.

We keep the basic structure of our classic HIIT 6/3 with some extra exercise or round according to the plan of the week.

The sand makes everything more challenging, but is always good fun!


Who‘s behind SAMFIT Club

Samuele Zanni

The founder

Samuele Zanni is a Qualified Personal Trainer and a passionate advocate for helping others reach optimal health and wellness.

Involved in the world of competitive sports, he qualified as a Personal Trainer in Italy in 2015 (FIPE) and since then he has collected many international collaborations. His approach to sports has always been interdisciplinary, implementing Functional and Bodyweight workouts to Strength Training.

He created SAMFIT Club for people to connect through sport, build fun and sustainable workout structure in their lives, and support each other in reaching their goals.

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1 Session

Enjoy one online class of your choice from wherever you are in the world!


1 Session

Enjoy one session of your choice in any of our locations!


Fit Plan

Join our ONLINE sessions from the comfort of your home or wherever you are in the world.


Basic Plan

One outdoor session per week in any of our locations!


Fit Plan

Two outdoor sessions per week in any of our locations!


Athlete Plan
Outdoor + Online

All our sessions, outdoor and online! Work out whenever and wherever you want!


10 Sessions

10 Outdoor classes of your choice for a convenient price.

Personal Training, Corporate Events & Private Groups Training on Request. Click HERE to learn more and get pricing.

Sports & More

SAM is an acronym for Sport And More, as there are many other things we do besides our fitness sessions. Joining our community you’ll have the opportunity to explore the surrounding of Barcelona through the trekkings we organize, you’ll see a wonderful sunrise while paddleboarding on the sea, and for sure have a lot of fun catching up with the SAMFITTERS for our weekly post-workout breakfast or in our monthly dinners and nights out!



Can’t live anymore without SAMFIT classes. Classes Not annoying, They challenge myself, Samuele takes care of us.


Last summer I had my first outdoor workout with SAMFIT and I have been addicted ever since. I have never trained regularly before but feeling my strength and determination grow with every session I can’t imagine ever not doing this. Thanks to Samuele’s energy, fun classes, sense of community, making each exercise adaptable to all fitness levels but encouraging all to challenge ourselves, I really would recommend SAMfit for everyone!


For me it’s the feeling of learning how to challenge myself and most of all to feel the support from trainers in the process. I love the beautiful feeling of family and community for sanity.


You can join from home, or anywhere, and because the exercises are based on bodyweight, you can join at any level and don’t need anything you don’t already have at home. Samuele is a phenomenal athlete, trainer and motivator!


I love SAMFIT workouts as it pushes me to give my all, it gets me out of bed in the morning, and I get stronger and fitter at a much faster pace I could ever imagine. Samuele is very patient with everyone and explains the different kinds of exercises, making them suitable for all levels.


I have tried many outdoor workout groups in Barcelona but SAMFIT sessions are by far the best. Coaches take a personal approach to training, building relationships with each individual which helps to create a community spirit which motivates you to continue attending the sessions. I like that if they know you can push harder they will give you more challenging options. I would 100% recommend SAMFIT workouts!


I have an addiction to SAMFIT classes! It’s been the best company during the quarantine, especially since I was isolated by myself for the first two/three weeks. SAMFIT sessions motivated me to stay healthy and fit even though it’s easy in these kinds of situations to just get lazy. And since then I just can’t stop! 5 to 6 times a week ?? to come out stronger than when I entered this quarantine. I love the finishers as I can keep track of the progress (or not ?) and it pushes me to give it 100% every time.


Samuele is a great teacher: he knows how to motivate you, push you to go a bit harder every day, has patience to explain how to execute your exercises correctly. But above all, and this cannot be taught, he’s an extremely generous and attentive person. He listens. He supports you. I get out of bed every morning to train with him cause it’s a joy to see and work with him.


SAMFIT classes are the best moment of the day. It brings energy, positivity, and enthusiasm that push you to always achieve more! Classes are always original, focusing on cardio and muscular training. I am very happy each time and am already seeing results!


SAMFIT sessions are amazing! I feel more energized after each session. Sam is a very patient and calm teacher, sharing his knowledge and minding each of us in the class. He makes you feel powerful, guided and safe throughout the class, a superb teacher! I would highly recommend his classes to anyone wishing to release energy, start getting fit or enhance their technique!

Our Partners


I’m just starting with Fitness after a long time, is this too hard for me? Is there a level of fitness I should have to participate in the classes?

If you are a beginner or you just haven’t workout in a long time, don’t worry! Our sessions are mainly structured in a way that everybody can participate regardless of their level of fitness*. We workout by time, which means that you can do the exercise at your own intensity, also there will be always regressions or variations of the exercises in case you don’t feel comfortable with some of them. *Exceptions made for the red sessions, which require a decent physical preparation

How can I book my Free Trial?

Click the Free Trial button, register to our Fitogram Pro Booking Tool filling in the required information. Select the session you are interested in and at the end select the Free Trial option to complete the Booking. As easy as this!

I’ve booked my first session, what should I bring to the park?

Bring a towel, a mat if you have one and water. Also, it might be useful to wear gloves in case you have them as we’ll do some exercise on the ground.

Where do I find you exactly?

You can find the details in the class you have booked. Go to Fitogram and click on your profile, then select Bookings and click on the booked class. You will see the name of the location and by clicking on it you will see the exact location on Google Maps. If you have any questions you can contact us via WhatsApp at least two hours before the start of your class.

I’m a member of Urban Sport Club, ClassPass, Andjoy, can I participate in your workouts?

Yes! We are working with all those partners, ensure your spot by contacting us viaWhatsApp at least two hours before the starting time of your class.

I wanna purchase a product but I’m not sure about how to proceed with the payment, how do I do it?

You can purchase some products directly on our web through Credit/Debit Card, otherwise select the option Pay Later and contact us viaWhatsApp or by email and we’ll provide you all the options and payment details.