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Flexible schedule and multiple locations

Dynamic Workouts

Fun and challenging workouts with top equipments

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Every fitness level with personalized care

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Good vibes, friendly environment and great music

Urban outdoor fitness barcelona activities

Between our activities you will find many variations of HIIT workouts (Hight Intensity Interval Trainings), Functional Training and Strength Circuits, Running and Swimming sessions. Once in a while we organise Yoga and Zumba events.

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1 Session outdoor

Enjoy one session of your choice in any of our locations!


Basic Plan Outdoor

One outdoor session per week in any of our locations!


Fit Plan Outdoor

Two outdoor sessions per week in any of our locations!


Athlete Plan Outdoor + Online

All of our fitness sessions! Work out whenever and wherever you want!


10 Sessions outdoor

10 Outdoor classes of your choice for a convenient price.

Personal training

Transform Your Fitness with Personalized Training
Our experienced trainers provide one-on-one support tailored to your needs and goals, covering nutrition, planning, and beyond.
Whether you want to run faster, get stronger, or transform your body, we’ll help you get there with training options available for outdoor, gym, or even in your own home.
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Sport and more

We are much more than Urban Outdoor Fitness Barcelona. SAM stands for Sport And More. As a part of our community, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings of Barcelona through organized treks, watch the sun rise while paddleboarding on the sea, and enjoy catching up with fellow SAMFITTERS over weekly post-workout breakfasts or monthly dinners and nights out. You may even find yourself participating in mud races or other competitions you never thought you were capable of!


I have an addiction to SAMFIT classes! It’s been the best company during the quarantine, especially since I was isolated by myself for the first two/three weeks. SAMFIT sessions motivated me to stay healthy and fit, even though it’s easy in these kinds of situations to just get lazy. And since then I just can’t stop! 5 to 6 times a week ?? To come out stronger than when I entered this quarantine. I love the finishers as I can keep track of the progress (or not ?) and it pushes me to give it 100% every time.


I have tried many outdoor workout groups in Barcelona but SAMFIT sessions are by far the best. Coaches take a personal approach to training, building relationships with each individual which helps to create a community spirit which motivates you to continue attending the sessions. I like that if they know you can push harder they will give you more challenging options. I would 100% recommend SAMFIT workouts!


I love SAMFIT workouts as it pushes me to give my all, it gets me out of bed in the morning, and I get stronger and fitter at a much faster pace I could ever imagine. Samuele is very patient with everyone and explains the different kinds of exercises, making them suitable for all levels.


You can join from home, or anywhere, and because the exercises are based on bodyweight, you can join at any level and don’t need anything you don’t already have at home. Samuele is a phenomenal athlete, trainer and motivator!


For me, it’s the feeling of learning how to challenge myself and most of all to feel the support from trainers in the process. I love the beautiful feeling of family and community for sanity.


Last summer I had my first outdoor workout with SAMFIT and I have been addicted ever since. I have never trained regularly before but feeling my strength and determination grow with every session I can’t imagine ever not doing this. Thanks to Samuele’s energy, fun classes, sense of community, making each exercise adaptable to all fitness levels but encouraging all to challenge ourselves, I really would recommend SAMfit for everyone!


Can’t live anymore without SAMFIT classes. Classes Not annoying, They challenge myself, Samuele takes care of us.


SAMFIT sessions are amazing! I feel more energized after each session. Sam is a very patient and calm teacher, sharing his knowledge and minding each of us in the class. He makes you feel powerful, guided and safe throughout the class, a superb teacher! I would highly recommend his classes to anyone wishing to release energy, start getting fit or enhance their technique!


SAMFIT classes are the best moment of the day. It brings energy, positivity, and enthusiasm that push you to always achieve more! Classes are always original, focusing on cardio and muscular training. I am very happy each time and am already seeing results!


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